User Guide

Always read the user’s manual for electronic items before you start packing them. There may be safety precautions that you need to take to ensure the integrity of your items and yourself, so make sure to read the manual first! These manuals may have important information about how you should dismantle the items and safely package them. Once you are done with your manuals make sure to collect them all and put them in a safe place that you can find quickly. A good idea might be to put each manual in the plastic bag with the corresponding cords and plugs. Once you have moved you should read through the manual again to ensure you assemble your electronics properly.


Plugs & Cords

All corresponding plugs and cords should be disconnected and tied together. You can also put any accessories and manuals you have associated with each item together. Place these items in a plastic bag and label each bag if you are not putting the manual inside.



Certain electronic items are very sensitive to heat. Make sure you allow all electronic items to warm up to room temperature before you connect and plug them into outlets.



HEAVY DUTY BOXES- All electronic items need to be placed in sturdy boxes, use your original box when available.
BUBBLE WRAP-You will need to use a good amount of bubble wrap to pack your electronics.
ANTISTATIC PACKING POPCORN- Make sure to fill the empty spaces in the box with antistatic filling this will give extra protection. Make sure not to substitute this with Styrofoam fill as this will cause static electricity and can damage your electronic items.

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