Green Moving

Plastic Bins

Consider using recyclable plastic bins rather than the traditional cardboard boxes. There are many local companies that rent out plastic bins that are stored and reused, which is a more sustainable solution. Check your local listings to arrange your plastic bins, many of these companies will deliver these bins to you and pick them up when you are finished with your move. There are many advantages to this type of packing:

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They are much sturdier than cardboard boxes
  • They don’t absorb liquids which is great for the rainy move
  • They are clean/sanitized
  • They are stackable and easily moved
  • There is no assembly required
  • There is nothing to dispose of when you are done


Packaging Supplies

You will need tons of packaging supplies to safely pack your items. There are green alternatives to bubble and foam wrap. Look for items that are biodegradable. You can also try to get creative with what you have; you can use towels, blankets, and sheets to ensure your items have more cushioning and you need to pack these items anyway so it’s beneficial two ways.


Sell & Donate

A good way to reduce the amount of boxes you need is to get rid of items you don’t use or need. One great way to do this is by donating or selling.

Consider doing a garage sale, this way you’re not increasing your footprint and you’re making a few dollars for your stuff. Make sure to put a few posters in the neighbourhood so people are aware of your sale and date. You can give away what is left for free by donating to Goodwill, and other second hand stores and charities. If you have furniture and toy items a lot of stores will buy lightly used items. Check Once Upon A Child, Frontier Sales and other local second hand stores in your area.

You can also sell your clothing items to second hand stores. Check your local listings to see which stores give you a few bucks for your used items. Remember that most places that do this will only accept items that are lightly used and are in excellent condition. Most of these places will donate the items that they are not buying from you also. This will save you time, give you a few bucks and reduce your overall footprint.

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