Moving Categories

Local Moves

These types of moves cover a distance of less than 100 km and do not cross provincial or state borders. The main expenses associated with such a move include, the number of movers that are required, the amount of time that will be allocated to the move and the distance travelled from the point of origin to the final destination.


Long Distance Moves

These are moves that are greater than 100 km in distance from the start off point. They can also encompass the crossing of provincial or state boundaries for any further relocations. The pricing associated with this type of move is determined according to the weight of your valuables, the pick-up/ delivery origin, the amount of moving supplies that will be required (boxes,speciality wrapping, bubble wrap) along with any additional moving services that you may need (i.e. additional storage services required during the facilitation of a move).


International (United States)

An international move can be a complex matter if you don’t have a good grasp of all of the factors that are involved with this type of move. Our international moving partners have comprehensive knowledge and years of experience dealing with these types of moves. They will provide you with important information relating to the boarding crossing and custom fees that will be encountered during your move as well as the documentation that is required to complete your relocation. They will also provide allnecessary information relating to packing fees, transportation expenses and storage requirements.


Office Moves

Our partner companies understand that an office to office move should be a quick process that minimises the amount of disruption to your business's daily activity. Moving Answers one stop online form will provide you with comprehensive search results and the most competitive pricing from companies able to perform this type of move. Our affiliated movers can handle any type of office move whether it’s for a small business, a large corporate move or a move that is long distance in nature.

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